Memberships last for 120 days from the time they are granted to you. When those 120 days expire, your rank will revert to what it was before. For Gcash Payment, Click me!

1. Click AechHfF.png to view the package content.

2. You need not be on the server when making a purchase but you are highly advised to do so.

3. Ensure the provided username has the correct case and spelling. Failure to comply may result in faulted delivery given that usernames are processed in a case-sensitive manner.

4. Ensure your purchase is referring to the correct user as the package will be bound to the provided username. Once the transaction is final, no changes will be allowed unless a transfer service is applied.

5. Given the transactions here are processed manually, a 24-hour delay in delivery shall be expected.

6. Support is provided on our Discord server at Contact our Sales Specialists whenever you have any inquiries.

7. Observe the Terms and Conditions before proceeding. These terms and conditions are subject to amendments without prior notice.

8. Funds gathered in this store are sent directly to the server host to pay the server rent. Members of the administration, including the server owners, receive no share from these purchases as they all work voluntarily.

By proceeding, you are deemed to have agreed to all the terms and conditions, and any of their future amendments. If you disagree, please do not proceed. 

Knight [VIP1] + 1 T
3.99 USD
Duke [VIP2] + 2 Town
7.99 USD
Prince [VIP3] + 3 To
11.99 USD